Former Cavalier publishes book about Buddy Holly’s impact on music

Savas Beatie LLC has released a new book by author Gary Moore, a former member of the Chicago Cavaliers. It covers details surrounding the untimely death of rock legend Buddy Holly and, in fact, may lead to new inquires about the Iowas cornfield plane crash in 1959 that took his life.

“My teens in drum and bugle corps play a prominent role in this book as I pursue the legacy of Buddy Holly and his impact on the culture after his death. There is a chapter in the book about my experience in drum corps and several pictures of me in the Cavaliers.

“Marching with the Cavaliers so impacted my life that within the pages of each book I write you will find the word SPLOOIE! But because ‘Hey Buddy’ is dedicated to Arlene, my wife of 35 years, you will also find the word SUTA!”

— Gary W. Moore, author of “Hey Buddy”

Rock and roll pioneer Buddy Holly was just a kid from Lubbock, TX, sporting black horn-rimmed glasses. Now, more than five decades after he died at age 22 in an Iowa plane crash on February 3, 1959, he and his music still affect lives around the world. In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked the writer and singer of Peggy Sue, That’ll Be the Day, Rave On and other hits as 13th among the 50 greatest artists of all time. “Not Fade Away,” an album of Holly’s complete studio recordings (Hip-O Select, 2009), has been nominated for a 2010 Grammy Award in the category for Best Historical Album.

Gary W. Moore was born in Kankakee, IL, in 1954, but was not a fan of rock music. He knew nothing of Buddy Holly until he attended a tribute to him and his music by musician John Mueller in 2010. He was moved by the performance and astonished to learn that thousands of people of all ages around the globe are dedicated fans.

“Hey Buddy: In Pursuit of Buddy Holly, My New Buddy John and My Lost Decade of Music” is Gary Moore’s chronicle of a personal journey to determine what made Holly so appealing and his music so timeless. Moore’s national book signing tour started in Chicago at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, IL, on January 20.

Moore interviews Buddy’s personal friends and family members, people who were there the day of the crash, celebrities and current-day Buddy enthusiasts. “Hey Buddy” includes an interview with Jim Riordan, a Kankakee, IL, resident and New York Times bestselling author of “Break on Through,” a biography of rock megastar Jim Morrison. Riordan says, “I think ‘Hey Buddy’ will fill in the shadows surrounding the myth of Buddy Holly and portray him as not only a legend, but a good, hardworking young man of flesh and blood who tried his best to remain true to his beliefs.”

On his journey, Moore learns that Holly was one of the first rock-and-rollers to write, produce and perform his own songs. His lyrics were more refined, his compositions more intricate and his harmonies more complex than the songs of his contemporaries. Holly also set the template used by the standard rock and roll band: two guitars, bass and drums.

Legendary musicians have acknowledged Holly’s influence, including the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.

Moore also discovers Holly’s upstanding character and values. He didn’t drink or do drugs and he ignored racial barriers. Moore concludes that his life and songs bypass eras of popular culture and politics, and that fans relate to him on levels that aren’t possible with today’s superstars.

Along the way, Moore uncovers new information about the doomed charter flight that took off in bad weather with an inexperienced 21-year-old pilot.

Himself a pilot, Moore and an aviation crash expert formerly with the National Transportation Safety Board recreated the short flight. Moore is calling for a team of experts to re-evaluate the crash and plane wreckage based on claims from the owners of the plane that the truth behind what happened that fateful night has never been told. Visit http://heybuddyquest.com for more information.

The book is available at bookstores nationwide and online. For more information visit www.heybuddybook.com.

About author Gary W. Moore

Gary W. Moore is an inspirational and motivational speaker, successful entrepreneur, accomplished musician and award-winning and critically acclaimed author. He is a contributing author to the bestselling “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and author of two upcoming books, “Brimstone: The Dee Harper Story” and “Carbon Hill.”

He has been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur, Selling Power, Sales and Marketing Management, Impromptu and Southwest Airlines’ Spirit Magazine, and has appeared on CNN, CNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox.

He is also a recipient of the prestigious Sam Walton Leadership Award and, because of his unique speaking and writing style, has become known as “America’s Storyteller!”™ He lives in Bourbonnais, IL.

What people are saying

“Hey Buddy is a page-turning pursuit of Buddy Holly’s legacy and his impact on others in and out of the music industry. It’s as American as apple pie and as compelling as Don McLean’s legendary hit about The Day the Music Died. Run, don’t walk to your nearest bookstore and get two copies — one for you and another for anyone you know who listens to music.”

— James Riordan

New York Times bestselling author of “Break on Through: The Life and Death of Jim Morrison”

“Gary Moore’s ‘Hey Buddy’ is a touching narrative that chronicles his fascinating journey of discovery into the life and music of Buddy Holly through the spirited performances of John Mueller, while endeavoring to explain the profound impact Buddy’s musical legacy continues to have more than 50 years after his tragic demise.”

— Jacqueline A. Bober, curator, The Buddy Holly Center

“ ‘Hey Buddy’ illustrates the raw power that passion for a topic can have when it grips an unsuspecting writer.”

— Bonnie Bartel Latino, author and former columnist for Stars and Stripes newspaper – Europe

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