Jubal is victorious at home show

by Hans Kloppert, DCW staff

Jubal (Dordrecht, the Netherlands)
Photo by Jasper de Haan

September 6, 2003 — Dordrecht, the Netherlands . . . In front of a sold out home-crowd stadium, Jubal drum & bugle corps from Dordrecht relived the contest feeling after having been away from the Dutch National contest scene since 1996.

Jubal proved to be strong as ever and managed to outdistance all competitors, taking all captions. The show, “Classic meets Jazz,” is a well-balanced mixture of both classical and jazz music blended together in challenging arrangements. A brass quintet with keyboard accompaniment opens the show melodically to…

Juliana from Middelburg only decided to withdraw from the KNFM circuit earlier during the season to fully compete in DCE. It was a warmly welcomed decision among all corps and crowd. The corps had already signed up for this Dordrecht show, but would originally participate in the other National circuit’s championships later this month. The corps might be quite a bit smaller in horns and guard than powerhouse Jubal, but what this unit manages to put on the field with a mere 14 horns is absolutely amazing. Opening in an open square formation, the corps…

Federatieband from Den Haag is a new contestant in the corps-scene. This band has adopted the drum corps style successfully in both repertoire and visual, but still does not have a color guard (which will be added next season) and the right brass instrumentation. Federatieband started their show to…

Jong Holland from Zwijndrecht is another band that has tasted the corps scene these last few years. Jong Holland has participated in the KNFM circuit several years now, but since this DCE show was only five miles away from their hometown, they decided to take their corps to the Dordrecht show — and not without success. Regionally, Jong Holland is a well-respected unit. The show, titled “Out of Control,” opens to…

DIO drum & bugle corps used to have a strong and rich reputation in the past when it competed as one of Europe’s very few all-girl units during the Drum Corps Holland period. After a period of struggling with membership, the corps opened its ranks to male members and has been a coed corps for the last few years. The spirit is still there within DIO, but…

Two units competed in class A. The feeder-unit for Federatieband, JFB Den Haag, took top honors with a fun 1970s Saturday Night Fever show. Drum major Robin de Vries led his band wearing a curly 1970s wig and a tight outfit, complete with matching high heels boots. Opening to…

Showband 75 from Leidschendam performed their production titled “Flavours of Music.” The use of saxophones and trombones in their brass made them one of the three “odd men out” in tonight’s competition. Jong Holland uses flutes and Federatieband also has saxophones in its ranks. This unit is enjoying its new experience in the corps circuit very much and is looking forward to some more improvement, which will…

Jong Holland Junioren from Zwijndrecht is the feeder-unit for the open class band. They were the only unit in cadet class. Their show is truly a cadet show, containing music fit for a unit their age. A very rhythmic battery supports their 16 brass and flutes.

One of the biggest surprises of the evening was the first corps on the field performing in exhibition. Jong Jubal, hometown feeder-corps for Jubal, brought 80 kids on the field and was the largest unit of the evening. Three years ago the corps only counted 19 members and almost folded. A new recruiting program “Music Kids” — teaching 7-year-olds free basic music training for 20 weeks before entering the junior corps — helped Jong Jubal survive and they are back stronger than before. The corps opened loud to…

This second DCE show of this season was well run. The neat and cozy little stadium was sold out. The crowd was very responsive to all performances and things look very promising for the DCE Championships coming up on September 27.

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