Revolution prepares ‘Exploration’ trilogy

Revoution (San Antonio, TX)
Photo by Dan Scafidi

Things are starting to heat up down south with Revolution from San Antonio, TX.

“The administration is well on its way to once again providing a great experience for the corps members in 2003,” tour manager Evan Morgan said. “With growth comes the need for more infrastructure to maintain a certain quality of life on the road, and with a division III title comes added pressure to meet or exceed your new fans expectations!”

The staff from 2002 is once again in place and ready to tackle the challenges head on. Guard caption head Ajay Riojas said, “It is great to have the staff back again for another year and we added some missing components for the 2003 season to once again challenge ourselves and our membership in division III competition!” Guard auditions are scheduled for April 25-27, and the corps’ staff is anticipating a record turn out for the guard, as they had with the brass and percussion auditions in November and December.

Looking to continue the progress made in the 2002 season, Revolution presents the start of its “Exploration” trilogy that will focus on raising the performance quality of the corps and increasing the entertainment factor for all fans alike.

Exploration I will focus on making the musical sounds we hear more visual through the use of dramatic movement, play on color and integrated drill maneuvers. It begins with the fist monotone movement and the introduction of the first theme. As the corps delves deeper into the piece, Connotations, the music gets more complex and as more variations on the main theme are introduced, the seeds of color begin to take shape. At the close of the show the once monotone program is now seen in vibrant color and the exploration of visual music will be complete.

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