Kampschroer invites Drum Corps World readers to submit DCI Hall of Fame nominations

by Vince Lamb, DCW staff

Roman Blenski, DCI Hall of Fame Class of 1991
(Photo by Ron Walloch)

At the Hall of Fame induction banquet last January in Rosemont, IL, DCI Hall of Fame chairman Dr. David Kampschroer called the attention of the luncheon attendees to the new Legacy category, which replaced the Legends of Drum Corps category that had been introduced in 2000 with the induction of the late James Costello, founder and long-time director of the Hawthorne Caballeros.

He encouraged the banquet participants to think of worthy nominees and referred his audience to the nomination procedures. In a phone interview conducted the next week, he also encouraged readers of Drum Corps World to participate in nominating worthy people who had been out of the activity for at least a generation.

Kampschroer’s rationale for introducing a separate Legacy Class of the DCI Hall of Fame is that people who have been away from the activity for many years have become unknown to much of the regular Hall of Fame electorate and are at a disadvantage in the selection process compared to people still involved in junior drum corps.

Two kinds of potential nominees would particularly benefit from a Legacy Class — those from the early years of DCI whose contributions could only be appreciated after many years of hindsight and those from before DCI’s inception in 1972 who built the activity to the point where DCI was possible. Induction of such veterans would give current participants in the junior corps activity the opportunity to honor the Legacy inductees and educate participants and fans about the legacy of the activity and its pioneers.

To qualify for nomination to the Legacy Class, a person must have been involved in the drum corps activity for at least 15 years before retirement (outstanding non-corps participation may also be considered) and must have not been involved for at least 20 years (a full generation).

To nominate a candidate, submit a letter of nomination to Kampschroer. In the letter, include the complete name, address, home and work phone numbers (including area code) of the candidate being nominating. Also include your name, address, home and work phone numbers (including area code). Sign and date your letter. Explain why you feel this person should be considered for membership in the Legacy Class of 2003. In particular, document the background the candidate has in the junior drum corps activity, their example for drum corps youth and their drum corps longevity. Limit yourself to two pages. Contact up to four additional people and ask that they each submit a letter (following the same format outlined above) supporting your candidate. Mail the letters to Kampschroer at 1803 Sanm Luis Drive, Lady Lake, FL 32159-9290, or e-mail them as an attachment to davidkamp@aol.com. All letters must be received by December 15, 2002.

Although there were three inductees (C. H. Beebe, Sal Ferrera and Sie Lurye) in the Legacy Class of 2002 and Kampschroer anticipates a maximum of two inductees each year thereafter, each nominator may submit a letter in favor of only one candidate per year. A special legacy committee consisting of long-time Hall of Fame members will select the inductees.

Kampschroer also invited Drum Corps World readers to participate in nominating candidates to the regular DCI Hall of Fame. Nominees must either be currently active in competitive junior corps or have been active within the past 15 years. Procedures are the same as for nominating people to the Legacy Class except that the letters must document the nominee’s contribution to DCI as well. Selection of members to the regular Hall of Fame is by vote of the Hall of Fame members and the DCI board of directors.

Kampschroer hopes that participation of the Drum Corps World readership would bring a wider range of deserving candidates (in particular, worthy women in drum corps — out of 66 current members of the DCI Hall of Fame, only two, Sandra Opie and Mary Pesceone, are women) to the attention of the voters for the Hall of Fame and particularly hopes that many of the long-time readers will remember worthy candidates for the Legacy Class of 2003 and succeeding years.

Following is a roster of Hall of Fame members inducted between 1985 and 2001, inclusive:

Class of 1985
Donald “Don” Angelica*
George Bonfiglio
James “Jim” Jones*
David Kampschroer
Hugh Mahon
Don Warren

Class of 1986
Donald Pescione
Gail Royer*

Class of 1987
Robert “Bob” Currie*

Class of 1988
Bernard Baggs*
Robert Briske
Earl Joyce

Class of 1989
Peter Emmons
Ken Kobold*
Richard Maass*
Jim Unrath

Class of 1990
Rodney Goodheart
Bobby Hoffman*
Aram Kazazian*
Pepe Notaro*
Mary Pesceone

Class of 1991
Roman Blenski
Joe Colla
Truman Crawford
Dennis DeLucia
Wayne Downey
Jack Mehan
Fred Sanford*
George Zingali*

Class of 1992
Steve Brubaker*
George Oliviero
Donald Whitely*

Class of 1993
Gene Monterastelli
Jerry Seawright
Scott Stewart

Class of 1994
John Brazale*
William Howard
Jim Wren

Class of 1995
Joe Marella
Sandra Opie
Jim Ott*

Class of 1996
Michael Cesario
Jim Prime Jr.
David Richards

Class of 1997
James Elvord
George Hopkins
Michael Moxley

Class of 1998
Charles Poole Jr.
Gerry Shellmer
Ernie Zimny

Class of 1999
Gary Czapinski
Paul Litteau
Clarke Williams

Class of 2000
Adolph DeGrauwe
Ralph Hardimon
Larry McCormick
James Costello*

Class of 2001
Thom Hannum
Mark Sylvester
Jim Wedge


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