Magic of Orlando, Revolution take home gold in their divisions at DCI II/III Finals

By Michael Carlson, DCW staff

2002 Magic of Orlando (Orlando, FL)
Photo by Richard P. Wersinger

August 7, 2002 — Madison, WI . . . The animation “Hercules” said it all: “When I go the distance I’ll be right where I belong.” This song best describes the moment of DCI Division II/III Finals. Thirteen corps earned the right to stand on the field of champions. Though the road has been long and hard to Madison, the roar of the drum corps hungry crowd rejuvenated the final flood of energy into tonight’s participants. To no one’s surprise, Magic of Orlando and Revolution took home the gold in their divisions.

Magic of Orlando
Achieving the highest score in the history of DCI Division II/III Finals, the 13 bass drums thundered the announcement that a champion had entered the field. Magic of Orlando made its first DCI Championship week appearance in two years.

Their assault to hold onto the lead position they’ve held all summer came from the mellophone section. Everything revolved around their haunting fanfare that echoed throughout the opener.

“We definitely had a good show,” noted mellophone player Brian Deleon…

Capital Regiment
This was Capital Regiment’s final performance in division II — Director Rick Bays announced the corps would compete in division I in 2003.

“It was great,” said Drum Major Ellie Woten with a grin from ear to ear. “There was…

The brass-powered Year of the Dragon unleashed a power all too familiar on finals night. The Mandarins’ tradition of flawless performances has dashed the dreams of many a contender…

Vanguard Cadets
The opening battery solo brought a roar from the crowd as the Vanguard Cadets pushed their way into…

Standing alone center field, Scott Munroe’s sweet baritone solo teased the crowd that the show was about to start. But the Spartans don’t ask for attention, they command it…

This year’s division II surprise corps, Esperanza, has upset the division’s balance of power…

Revolution has just one thing to say: “Don’t mess with Texas.” Last year’s surprise corps is this season’s division III champions…

Blue Stars
The Blue Stars were welcomed by one of the rowdiest crowds of the evening, which only fueled the corps’ command performance. They came within…

The Patriots’ horn line is considered a fearsome force in division II. Opening this year’s show…

East Coast Jazz
East Coast Jazz has returned to the brassy jazz sound that made them so popular in the late 1990s.

“The shows we did this week are very, very good shows,” Director Tom Chopelas said proudly…

Jersey Surf
Mellophone player Victor Cummings sounded off the opening lines of “West Side Story’s” America followed by baritone Billy Harris and Chip Mullins on contra. Suddenly Surf-ites flooded the field from behind electric blue flats to serve up a…

Taipei Yuehfu
Taipei Yuehfu’s third tour of North America is one they will remember for a long time. Not only did they retain the International Division title, but came within striking distance a few times this summer for division III gold…

The sober cry of the mellophone solos of Joao Alameida, Matt Love and Sayaka Yamamoto played in the mists of highflying sabers to kick off Yamato’s 2002 production, “Symphonic Sketches.” No other corps goes through the pressure cooker situation Yamato puts themselves through to get to this point. The multinational corps has only a week and a half to put a competitive show together each year…

Opening the night in exhibition was the 65-member Jubal from the Netherlands. Making their first appearance at DCI Championships week, the corps quickly won over the hearts of the crowd with…

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