Brand-new Drum Corps World Web site is now available

It’s been quite a long time coming, but the newly-redesigned and updated site for Drum Corps World has finally been completed.  Nearly all of the content from the previous site (articles, scores and historical products) has been transferred and a portion of the photos from earlier in this decade.  It was an enormous task that required considerably more time than anticipated.

One of the primary features of the new site is that the current and back issues of Drum Corps World are now accessible from the front page by clicking on the most recent cover.  Readers can reach the magazine, but no longer need to remember the previous Web site address — www.high-velocity-media.com.  The issues will continue to be available at no charge.  If you haven’t already signed up for your free subscription, click on the cover, then register your name, e-mail address and what country you live in.

We will also continue to notify readers each time an issue is available for viewing through regular e-mails.  The schedule will be monthly September through May, along with in-between weekly issues during July and August, for a total of 17 or 18 editions.

Readership has been encouraging according to Google Analytics statistics.  Between January 1 and November 20, 2012, the following audience overview details have been recorded:

• 31,915 unique visitors (more than the number of e-mail addresses we currently have on our list)
• 3,258,522 page views
• 59.86 pages viewed per visit
• 7:54 minutes average visit duration (we’ve been told this is a fairly high number for Web sites and magazines)

Statistics relating to the number of click-throughs for the banner ads and logos on our Web site, as well as the links in advertising that appears in the magazine, have ranged from 700 to 3,500 per month (banner ads — Drillmasters, DeMoulin Bros. Uniforms, Drum Corps International, The Band Shoppe, Yamaha Corporation of America Drum Corps Planet and Drum Corps Associates).  We encourage readers to make these connections from not only the banner ads on the Web site, but also the “live” Web site links in advertising that appears in the magazine.

I want to specifically thank Ricky and Tracy Fritzsching at Octavia Consulting in Cypress, TX, who created and have maintained the previous Web site for the past decade.  Their assistance and friendship has meant a great deal to me.  New jobs required more of their time, so they are no longer able to devote their efforts to making changes and upgrading the content.

Through the assistance of Doug Smith, owner of High Velocity Media in Kingston, ONT, the publication is still operating.  Without his help in the fall of 2010 and winter of 2011, the transition to the Internet would not have been possible.  He has been working with me to secure advertising support, as well as overseeing uploading each issue and maintaining our growing e-mail list of more than 29,000 “subscribers.”

A huge thank-you also goes to Eric Bremner, a gentleman who works with Doug Smith.  He has redesigned the Web site and worked very hard to get all the material that accumulated on the previous site over to the new site and into working order, making changes I requested and ensuring that all of the details are accurate before this final release.  Because I had no previous experience with developing a Web site, I had no comprehension of the enormity of this task.  Eric has been very patient with me through the entire process and I owe him a great deal of appreciation!

And, of course, I want to also thank the following advertisers that have believed in our mission by purchasing display space in our on-line magazines since May 2011 —

Commercial advertisers: Yamaha Corporation of America (Roger Eaton), Fleetwood Sounds (Wayne Terminello), DeMoulin Bros. Uniforms (Steve Trull), Drum Corps International (Dan Acheson), Vic Firth, Inc. (Mark Dyke), “BLAST!” (James Mason), Drum Corps Associates (Gil Silva), Xtreme Brass and Percussion (Wayne Downey), United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps (Chief Warrant Officer Brian Dix), The Band Hall (Keith Hall), Jarvis Industries (Jennifer Grissom), ChopSaver (Dan Gosling), McCormick’s Enterprises (Brian Anderson), The Band Shoppe (Jay Pearison), Gator Cases (Vikki Hayward), Dinkles/Upfront Footwear (Jeff Savoca), Drillmasters (Jon Farbman), Drum Corps Planet (John Donovan), CrownStore (Eric Sabach), World Drum Corps Hall of Fame (Roy Wilson), A Wish Come True (Renee Stojek), DEG Music Products (Mark Schafer), Sabian (Katie Bursey), Winged Instruments (Cedric Paques), DCA (George Iacono), Style Plus (Tim Mangee), FJM, Inc. (Terry Freeman), Pearl Corporation (Steve Armstrong) and Key Poulan Music (Key Poulan).

Drum and bugle corps in the “CorpStore”: Troopers (Fred Morris), Pioneer (Roman Blenski), Scout House (Nancy Weiler), Hawthorne Caballeros (Al Katz), New York Skyliners Alumni (Bob Gironda), Park City Pride (Gail Langan), Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights (Art Farrell), Swing House (Larry Kerchner), Crusaders Senior (Jim Gillette), Bridgemen Alumni (George Lavelle), Muchachos (Al Gagne), Defenders Alumni (Dale Powers), Crossmen (Fred Morrison), Pacific Crest (Stuart Pompel), Florida Brass (John Wilson), United Alumni (Gary Ferris), Empire Statesmen (David Bruni), The Cavaliers (Adolph DeGrauwe) and Music City Legend (Stephen Anderman).

Contest sponsors: Drum Corps International (Dan Acheson), Reading, PA (Amy Snook), Oswego, IL (Scott Nickels), Erie, PA (Ray Luniewski), Cedarburg, WI (Layton Olsen), Lawrence, MA (George Iacono), Omaha, NE (Rex Barker) , Hawthorne, NJ (Al Katz), Canton, OH (David Glasscoe), Wichita, KS (Ross Viner), Lewisburg, PA (Graham Showalter), Kingston, NY (Dr. John Carr), Dubuque, IA (Greg Orwoll), Baltimore, MD (Gary Dickelman), West Windsor, NJ (Kevin Surfass), Denver, CO (George and Lynn Lindstrom), Quincy, MA (Tom Spataro), Bayonne, NJ (George Lavelle) and Naperville, IL (Michael Embrey).

Now the responsibility falls on me to regularly update the articles that will appear on this Web site.  Nothing is included here will be duplicated in issues of Drum Corps World.  Visitors to this site are invited to submit ideas for what you’d like to see featured.  If you have an idea or a prepared article, please send it to me via e-mail as a Microsoft Word document — publisher@drumcorpsworld.com.

Because I now have a job outside the office, the hours I can be reached by phone are limited.  If you need to speak with me, please call between 8:00 AM and 11:15 AM or 6:45 PM and 9:00 PM Central time, Monday through Friday, or on weekends after 9:00 AM, before 9:00 PM Central time.

My commitment continuing to provide a comprehensive overview of the worldwide drum and bugle corps activity has not diminished and I thank each of you for continuing to support the existence of Drum Corps World!

Steve Vickers, publisher

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Drum Corps World is published as an on-line electronic magazine by Sights & Sounds, Inc., Madison, WI. It is supported by advertising from manufacturers, service providers, corps, circuits and show sponsors. The publication began in October 1971 at the same time Drum Corps International was formed and has been produced continuously as a tabloid newspaper until April 2011 and on the Internet since May 2011. It is released monthly, as well as six additional e-mail blasts, one in late June, three during July and two in August.

The worldwide staff of writers and photographers provide show reviews during the season and interviews, feature articles, news and human interest stories during the off-season. The photographs that appear in the magazine are provided by 27 staff members who are scattered around the world. The publication covers World and Open Class Drum Corps International corps, Open and Class A Drum Corps Associates corps, alumni, mini-, parade and standstill units, as well as the growing activity in Europe, the Far East, Southeast Asia, the Philippines and South Africa.