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Sights & Sounds, Inc., publishers of the free on-line magazine Drum Corps World, is pleased to offer six new items to our collection of historical books.These are immediately downloadable and are available for $1.99 each.They average 160+ pages each and showcase between 780 and 1,050 previously-unused images from our worldwide staff of photographers.None have appeared in the magazine, on the DCW Facebook page or in any other project we have produced in the last six years.
There are some truly spectacular images to see!We have included photography of each DCI and DCA corps in two-page spreads and single pictures of corps in foreign countries, alumni, exhibition, SoundSport, Drumline Battle and Mini-corps categories when available.There has been a small number of groups that aren’t included, only because none of our staff photographers saw them at competitions, parades and standstill events during specific seasons.
Click on the “2014 to 2019 downloadable photo books” icon at left to go to the new page with specific details about each of the books and to see the cover of each one.

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