#7003 – 1970 Red Carpet Association Championship, Volume 1


1 Rockets Pittsburgh, PA
2 Marching Ambassadors Toronto, ONT
3 Commanders Burlington, ONT
4 Garden Statesmen Dover, NJ
5 Suburban Knights Getzville, NY
6 Freestatesmen Cumberland, MD

Recorded August 29, 1970, at the Red Carpet Association championship contest in Erie, PA, by Alf Wateska.

Please note: All of the source material for these compact discs was digitallyremastered from the master tape archives of Stetson D. Richmond and Alf Wateska. These recordings are not mass prduced, but made for you one at a time. The sound quality is excellent, especially considering how long ago the original recordings were made. Please allow up to five weeks for delivery.

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