A History of Drum & Bugle Corps, volume 1 (instant download)


432 pages, more than 1,000 photographs, originally published in 2002 as a hardcover book.

Chapter 1 — “The Big Parade, The veterans organizations and the drum and bugle corps movement”
by Raphael Osheroff and Robert Zinko
Chapter 2 — “The evolution of the bugle”
by Scooter Pirtle
Chapter 3 — “Development of marching percussion during the 20th Century”
by Lauren Vogel Weiss
Chapter 4 — “How musical and visual design has evolved”
by Dr. Rosalie Sward
Chapter 5 — “Drum and bugle corps recordings through the years”
by Ken Mason
Chapter 6 — “80 years of drum and bugle corps scores”
compiled by Brian Tolzmann
Chapter 7 — “The movement starts to grow in the 1950s”
by Carman Cluna
Chapter 8 — “The 1960s: the Dream, then Miami; the World, then Miami”
by Cozy Baker
Chapter 9 — “Masters of their destiny — DCI is established”
by William Howard
Chapter 10 — “The giant killer — the 1980s”
by Dr. Robert Smith
Chapter 11 — “For the love of the game — the alumni corps movement”
by Allison Close and Chris Atkinson
Chapter 12 — “The drum corps activity takes to the airwaves”
by Chris Atkinson
Chapter 13 — “Drum and bugle corps in Quebec”
by Daniel Buteau
Chapter 14 — “Drum and bugle corps in Ontario”
by Jodeen Popp
Chapter 15 — “Canadian military drum and bugle corps”
by Richard F. Allen
Chapter 16 — “Bibliography”
by Sharon Walbridge
Chapter 17 — “Master list of North American junior, senior, alumni drum and bugle corps”
compiled by Brian Tolzmann