A History of Drum & Bugle Corps, volume 2 (instant download)


432 pages, more than 1,000 photographs, originally published in 2003 as a hardcover book.

Chapter 1 — “Pageantry on the battlefield” by Ronald Da Silva
Chapter 2 — “From the trenches to tattoos: senior corps 1921-1965” by Cozy Baker
Chapter 3 — “A history of Drum Corps Associates” by Tom Peashey
Chapter 4 — “Drum corps in the armed forces” by Ronald Da Silva
Chapter 5 — “Uniforms and colors” by Ronald Da Silva
Chapter 6 — “The birth, growth, metamorphosis of competitive rudimental drumming” by Rick Beckham
Chapter 7 — “And now the scores . . . the art and science of drum corps judging” by Christopher Atkinson and Allison Close
Chapter 8 — “Why the guard?  Color guard from military to modern” by Shirley Stratton Dorritie
Chapter 9 — “Artistic personalities of selected corps” by Dr. Rosalie Sward
Chapter 10 — “Drum corps periodicals” by Steve Vickers
“Alberta and British Columbia corps” by Daniel Buteau
“Ontario” by Mark Ripley
“Quebec” by Daniel Buteau
“Europe” by Hans Kloppert
“South Africa” by Retha Cilliers
“Southeast Asia” by Christopher Atkinson
“United Kingdom” by Steven Hars
27th Lancers by Steve Groh
Anaheim Kingsmen by Vince Lamb
Archer-Epler Musketeers by Bill Ives
Argonne Rebels by Greg Jewell
Belleville Black Knights by Dave Scott
Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights by Gary Dickelman
Blue Devils by Bob Fields
Blue Knights by Dallas Martin and Mark Arnold
Blue Rock by Joe Flynn and Harry Jenkins
Blue Stars by Michael Carlson
Bluecoats by Vic Colaianni
Boston Crusaders by Art Kellerman
Boys of 76 by George Fennell
Bushwackers by Chris Kilion
Cadets LaSalle by Bill Season
CapitolAires by Shara Barlow, Allan Marty and Frank Schoenbach
Carolina Crown by Doug Madar
Cavaliers by Michael Boo
Chanler’s by Gena Pruitt
Chatelaines by Daniel Buteau
Chicago Royal Airs by Jeff Helgeson
Colts by Steve Delaney
Connecticut Hurricanes by Bill Flaker
Crossmen by Bob Fields
Deborah Kilties by Howard Hill
De La Salle Oaklands by Murt Howell
Des Plaines Vanguard by Jay McGuffin
Doremus Post by Bob BellaRosa
Empire Statesmen by Kevin Gamin
Garfield Cadets by Greg Cinzio
Geneseo Knights by Bill Neileib
Geneva Appleknockers by Geoffrey Whiting
Glassmen by Kevin Gamin
Govenaires by Emily Stark
Guardsmen by Kathy and Beth Myers
Hawthorne Caballeros by Peter Bishop
Hormel Girls by Brian Tolzmann
Imperials of St. Patrick/Pioneer by Roman Blenski
Jersey Joes by Bob Mannion
Kilties by George Fennell
Kingston Grenadiers by Rick Jutras
Madison Scouts by Dan Guernsey and Robert Pilot
Minnesota Brass by Paul Mordorski
Muchachos by John Haupt and Les Katzel
New York Skyliners by Michael Siglow
North Star by Vince Lamb
Norwood Park Imperials by Dave Borck
Offensive Lions by Daniel Buteau
PAL Cadets by Timothy “Ace” Holleran
Phantom Regiment by Ron Schulz
Pittsburgh Rockets by Ed Cagney
Racine Scouts by Tony Burke
Railmen by Ken Whittle
Reading Buccaneers by Donnie Solinger
Reilly Raiders by Carol Hooton
Rhode Island Matadors by Michele Peloquin
Rochester Crusaders by Tom Peashey
Santa Clara Vanguard by Christina Mavroudis
Scout House by Art Kellerman
Seattle Imperials by Steve Baretich
Skokie Indians by George Fennell
Sky Ryders by Steve Vickers
Spartans by Michael Carlson
Spirit of Atlanta by Mark Whisenant
St. Andrew’s Bridgemen by Pat Forker, George Lavelle and Bert Lynch
St. Joseph’s of Batavia by Ben Wilt
St. Kevin’s Emerald Knights by Paul Flaherty
St. Lucy’s Cadets by Ron Bonadonna
St. Paul Scouts by Paul Mordorski
St. Raphael’s Golden Buccaneers by Cliff Richmond and Bill Mischik
St. Vincent’s Cadets by Rev. Gerald Marchand
Star of Indiana by Michael Boo
Stardusters/Bleu Raeders by Ken Mason
Steel City Ambassadors by Bob Diethrich
Suncoast Sound by Steve Hecklinger
Sunrisers by Frank Dorritie and Fran Haring
Syracuse Brigaders by David Lepore
Toronto Optimists by Vern Johansson
Troopers by Pat Chagnon
Vasella Musketeers by Joe Marella
Velvet Knights by Charlie Groh
Ventures by Dave Phillips
Watkins Glen Squires by Jud Spena
Westshoremen by Jeff Ream
Yankee Rebels by Joel Leson
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