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Drum Corps World has created five books over the last 15 years covering many aspects of the drum and bugle corps activity between 1921 and 2010. Two of the books were originally published as hardcover books (“A History of Drum & Bugle Corps,” volume 1 in 2002 and “A History of Drum & Bugle corps,” volume 2 in 2003) and one as a softcover spiral-bound book (“The Art of Drum Corps World” in 2010). They are no longer available in hard- or softcover, but are viewable on CDs.

The two books produced for Drum Corps International (“DCI: The First Decade, 1971-1981” in 2007 and “DCI: The First 35 Years in Photos” in 2010) are softcover publications and are still available in their original form.

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