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Star of Indiana performed for nine years in Drum Corps International between the group’s debut in 1985 and their final season in 1993. The organization then created an arena show called “Brass Theater,” performing with the Canadian Brass and Canterbury Brass from 1994 to 1998.

“BLAST!” was staged in December 1999 at the Apollo Hammersmith Theater in London. The original show was taped and shown on PBS in the United States as a pledge program. It won an Emmy Award for the television presentation.

Transferring to the Broadway Theater in New York City, the production received a special Tony Award, closing early because of the 9/11 tragedy. The cast was largely made up of drum corps alumni and filled with talented young musicians who performed selections arranged by many top drum corps designers, showcasing a wide variety of tunes for worldwide audiences.

You can bring back memories of the shows on stage, television or in stadiums to hear once again. They can be the perfect gifts for friends, family or your own collection of historic recordings.

There are six memorable, genre-defining performances. You’ll hear a diverse repertoire of jazz, classical, Broadway and original material, listed for each show below.

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